I Am an Intuitive Healer.

I help women change their energy so they can change their life. My speciality is healing emotional traumas and cutting all of the associated cords connected to your chakras. 

I bring your energetic body into balance with your physical body; releasing old emotional attachments that are draining your energy along the way. 


I had the distinct honour of having a chakra clearing with Amanda. I cannot say enough about her lasered awareness and intuition. Amanda immediately identified which chakras were out of balance, and where my energies needed alignment. She proceeded to work her magic with me, and I could feel my inner energies opening, as if coming awake. Since our session, I have dived deep into doing work with "all things chakras"! I am going DEEP, and my life is literally transforming each day. Even the deep traumas, the ones I haven't entirely been able to be fully present for in the past, have been coming up to greet me. The REAL magic? I'm not overwhelmed any more. I haven't felt this grounded, refreshed, invigorated, and aligned for a very long time. I am coming into myself completely anew. Amanda is a highly gifted guide, and I cannot say enough about her generosity. I highly recommend her.


Have you been trying all the right things; affirmations, meditations, self help, inspirational movies and books.... but you're still not seeing the results? You do everything to train your mind to think all the right things. And you're still at ground zero? I know darling... I see you... 

In order to really put all that positive mindset to use... you need to ditch the emotions you tried to swallow from your past. You need to change your vibration. You need to revive your soul. You may suppress those feelings, but your soul still remembers them. 

Are you committed to doing what it takes to change your life?  I thought you might be... Why else would you have spent your time reading this far?


Thank you Amanda for an amazing session, immediately afterwards I felt more relaxed and in a complete state of serenity. This feeling lasted several days and as a result my week was so divine. I cannot wait to see how my future weeks go with this renewed sense of peace. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 


Where the heck did I come from?