The Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program was designed for the person that's ready to release the negative impact their past is holding on them; the person that's ready to make a fresh start.

This 8 week Chakra Healing Program is designed to:

  • Remove this lifetimes' burdens and cords that are negatively impacting you
  • Release past karmas that are most influential in your life right now
  • Remove psychic attack energy from draining your energy
  • Remove negative energetic imprints that have been passed down from your family (knowingly or unintentionally)
  • Assist in shifting your thoughts away from old patterns
  • Heal your Akashic Records (past lives)
  • Bring peace into your soul from all aspects
  • Protect you from negative energies
  • Connect you with your Spirit Guides
  • Surround you with Angelic love
  • Increase your Intuition
  • Allow you to follow your soul's path with grace and ease
  • Give you the power to release the things that no longer serve you 

There are times your Guides will ask me to do additional healing work. I will always honour your soul's calling. 

Each week we will go through all of these healing aspects for one particular chakra. To heal that aspect of your life totally and completely. Some weeks you may have additional spiritual work to do at home between sessions. If that is the case, I will discuss that with you during your session. 

This program can be conducted in several ways:

  1. In person - meeting once (approximately) weekly to follow through with your chakra healing progression
  2. Over the phone - I can conduct healings if you are in my treatment room or across the world in Australia and beyond. Both ways are just as effective. 
  3. In person - VIP Healing day. It will take approximately 6 plus hours to do all of your chakras in this capacity in one day. We will take breaks for food and water - I'm not a slave driver or anything hahaha. 

Each chakra healing will have a "healing recap sheet" filled out for you. We go through so much information, and you're just coming down from a spiritual high - it can be pretty difficult to remember everything that I babble at you after your session. The worksheet helps a lot.

Root Chakra.png

Week One - Root Chakra

The first week we work on the Root Chakra. I believe that we need a firm foundation to grow strong in our faith and spiritual strength, which is why we start here. We will address the things that have made you feel unstable in life. Financial worries, housing, survival instincts, and connectedness (with our self, world, and everything inbetween). When we establish "new roots", it takes time. This session is typically the longest of all 8 sessions. We set up some ground work that will sustain you throughout the whole program and beyond.

Sacral Chakra.png

Week Two - Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is typically a heavy hitter for most of my clients. This week we focus on our relationships, abundance, creativity, and sexuality. The past hurts, traumas, struggles - everything - shows up here. On average, if someone is going to cry during the program, 80% of the time this is where it happens. The release you can experience by letting go of old baggage through Reiki is unparallelled. If you've ever had a traumatic erxperience in a relationship (of any kind) - you need this.

Solar Plexus Chakra.png

Week Three - Solar Plexus Chakra

The home of all of our emotions and sense of self confidence. One of my personal favourite chakras. If you're senstive to others people's emotions and energy - there is a good chance this chakra is overwhelmed (or worse). Have you ever been in a crowd of people and felt like you were the size of an ant (or that you would rather hide/escape)? That's what I'm talking about. When you can't stand up for yourself, your beliefs, or what you desire - you know you've got a problem. This healing session helps you to really FEEL the light within your body and soul.

Heart Chakra.png

Week Four - Heart Chakra

The heart is how we give and receive love. The way we connect out into the world. It is the home of our calling. It's what pulls us towards our destiny. However, every time we experience something that hurts us, we turn that experience into a little brick. In time, we lay all of these bricks around our heart in an effort to protect ourselves from pain. And it does work, you begin to "see it coming". However, these bricks don't know the difference between pain and love. So they are also filtering out the love that surrounds you. This is the point in the program where you shift from "letting out all the garbage" to "feeling the love throughout your whole body". It's absolutely beautiful to witness this transformation.

Throat Chakra.png

Week Five - Throat Chakra

This week we release all of the times you've held yourself back from truly expressing yourself. Mic drop! Just kidding haha. However, that one sentence, in and of itself, is enough. This chakra also tends to harbour our deepest and darkest thoughts about ourselves; hidden deep within the cracks of our being. The way you talk to yourself has a huge impact on this chakra. Be warned, some people have had their voices alter slightly for several weeks after this session. So if you plan on auditioning for a Band, I would postpone this session a bit.

Third Eye Chakra.png

Week Six - Third Eye Chakra

This chakra holds our Intuition, connection with our Guides, and sense of self mastery. Many of our fears of our spiritual gifts are hidden here. The times you've suppressed the ability to see or hear Spirits - simply closed this chakra up, little by little. Polluting it with thoughts of feeling inadequate to have your gifts. Well, NO MORE. You are enough. You are here (literally reading this) for a reason. Take note, this IS a sign. Now is your time to shine.

Crown Chakra.png

Week Seven - Crown Chakra

Allowing Divine Grace to pour into you from above has never been so easy. Well... AFTER your session anyway haha. Very frequently (I would say 70% of the time), my clients' Crown Chakra is literally out of alignment/off center which causes A LOT of problems. Our Crown Chakra helps to cleanse the rest of the chakras, so if theres a problem here, it will cascade down into every other chakra in time. A lot of fun stuff can happen here, so buckle up!


Week Eight - Raising Your Vibration

This week we double check all of the work we have done. Making sure that nothing has crept back into your energy. 95% of the time it's all good, but I always like to make sure before I send you off into the world. If everything is all good, we work at raising your vibration to match the energy of some of the goals and desires you've set out. Bringing the entire program into harmony and balance. This is the moment you are officially reborn.


If you're still reading up to this point, the only real question you have left is "But how much does this cost?" Am I right? haha.


All prices are in Canadian currency, and subject to taxes.

Individual Sessions: $75

Total Program (all 8 sessions): $600

VIP One Day Intensive: Introductory rate $250