Chakra Assessment Self Study Course

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Chakra Assessment.png

Chakra Assessment Self Study Course


All this spiritual talk is new to you - but you're still drawn to it.  You've been checking out a variety of reading materials about chakras and energy, and now you're ready to get your feet wet. 

You're looking to understand what's happening within your own energy. Understanding your energy is half the battle to taking action to strengthen it. If you don't know what needs fixing it's pretty hard to fix it. 

This self study course is designed to empower you - to allow you to monitor your own energies. This study material offers you a variety of tools to help you balance your chakras, using meditation techniques, candles, and crystals. 

What's include: 

  • Quick reference Guides- for using crystals, candles, and meditation to balance your chakras
  • Diagram of the chakras locations
  • Quick Reference guide for each chakra outlining the emotional and physical results of unbalance
  • An audio guiding you through the process of assessing your own energy
  • A step by step quick reference guide

    Everything you need to calm the chaos in your life and breathe easy.
I'm ready for peace

Once you receive your file you will have 24 hours to download the content.