Foot Reflexology

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Foot Reflexology


- Imagine this -

You've had a long hard day at work. Your mind is racing with all the tasks you still haven't completed. Your feet are throbbing and you know once you take your shoes off - you're DONE for the day.  

Once in awhile having a day like this isn't too bad, but lately there have been too many days like this. Each day rolling into the next. Wishing you could just sleep in once in awhile - or that every day was Friday. 

It gets hard to wake up well rested and excited to start your day when you feel overwhelmed everyday. 

Taking proper care of yourself - emotionally and physically - goes a long way to helping you manage your stress levels. 

If you spend your day on your feet, or in uncomfortable shoes - your feet may very well be crying out for some TLC. 

Foot Reflexology is like a glorious hour-long foot massage. It stimulates your nervous system through the pressure points on your feet. This process can help you:

-Remove toxins from your system

-Relax the muscles in your feet 

-Increase circulation

-Reduce swelling

-Relieve tension

-and much, much more

I graduated at the top of my class in 2014. I have been practicing Foot Reflexology along side my other healing services since then.

Some things my clients have said are:

"I have to be honest with you - this is amazing! I'll be telling the guys I work with about this!"

"I've melted onto the table, I can't get up"

"The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. But with your help they were able to find out I had Kidney Stones."

"I can't believe how refreshed my feet feel!"

"My Plantar Fasciitis is improving so much from coming to see you! I noticed a difference after one single session, and it continues to get better every time I see you."


If you need to add a little self care into your week - don't delay! Send me a message to confirm my availability. Available for local and in-person clients only.


Appointments can be scheduled online at this link:

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