Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself!

I am Amanda Rae - Wife, Mother of 3, Business Owner & Healer


I was born and raised in Nipawin, Saskatchewan (you may know me as Amanda Knox). I've spent most of my life here. Beyond working for my family's business (Knox Apiaries), you may have previously seen me working at Honeywood Vet, Gieni's Restaurant, Northern Greens Resort, or as a solo practitioner prior to opening The Rae Centre. 

I met my husband Alex while working at Knox Apiaries. He came to work for my family from Nicaragua, and I had just come back from a 4 year stay in Edmonton. The connection between us was electric and difficult to ignore, so we simply rolled with it! 

September 17, 2011 we were married. It was the most fun I've had at a wedding. The people were amazing, the conversations and dancing all rocked our socks. 

Aksana was born March 15, 2012 - She is so amazing. Very intellectual, silly, and is going to make an amazing woman one day. When she was just one year old she was already putting 3 word sentences together. We didn't know that was so advanced at the time and took it for granted. 

Allistair was born April 16, 2014 - He is my little spit-fire. Thank goodness we don't have any marital problems because that red hair he has was certainly a surprise to us! He is so kind and loving, but packed full of energy. It's an interesting combo.

Auriella was born March 27, 2016 - She is our Angel baby! She sleeps better than her older siblings, has better mood management, and is all around the sweetest little thing. She has a temper on her though, so watch out!

Leo (our furbaby) was born March 16, 2018 - it was by the grace of God that he came into our lives. We didn't anticipate him, but he is the perfect fit! We adore him so much and can't wait to make more memories with him. He is our first Mastiff puppy and we are thoroughly in love.

Alex and I work together to balance our schedules. Alex works early in the day while I stay home with the kids, and we do a little switch-a-roo and I begin working in the evening. We both get lots of quality time with our kids, the ability to make homemade meals, and still get time together in the evenings. Its a busy schedule, but it works really well for us. As our kids get older, we will likely have to readjust things, but for now, this works. 

After having my first child, I became much more aware of my own yearning for "something more" in my life. I felt like I had been just chasing pay cheques up until that point. I took some time to get in touch with myself and try to discover what things I enjoyed. 

In 2013 I began my journey into business. I started making pendants from stones and clay. I loved allowing my creativity to flow. I loved being able to buy more crystals. I found my passion. 

What is an Intuitive Healer?

I am Amanda Rae - the Intuitive Healer. I work with women to help them move from overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted to balanced, relaxed, and confident. My speciality is clearing emotional burdens. You know, those pesky things from the past "you'd rather not talk about" with people because they still hurt - yeah - those. Don't worry, you won't need to verbalize them to me either.

What techniques do you use? I'm glad you asked for clarification. I use a variety of natural healing modalities including (but not limited to) Energy Healing (such as Reiki and beyond), Meditation, Essential Oils, Crystals, Candles, and a variety of Channelling techniques (like Oracle Cards).


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