Spark Session

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Spark Session


A Spark Session is a single 60+ minute healing session. Please allow for 90 minutes for this session.

This type of session is ideal for those who know they are feeling "a bit off" and need a tune up to start feeling like their old self again.  If you are feeling held down by blockages in your energy - don't delay in removing them.

What's included:

*60 minutes of blissful healing - I'll guide you through a powerful meditation while I conduct your healing session

*An Audio copy of our session - emailed to you so you can repeat your experience as often as you please

*An energized stone - custom chosen just for you - and aligned to the exact energy of our session - postal mailed to you

*A doTERRA essential oil - custom chosen for you - to assist you on your healing journey (accompanied by a quick reference usage guide)

*My chakra candle ritual - A PDF and candle set to assist you in balancing your energy (this can be duplicated simply by obtaining more candles)

What to expect:

I will call you at our scheduled session time. If you're in North America I will call you from my toll free conference line (an automated voice will invite you to join a conference with me - where I will be waiting on the other end). If you're outside of North America, I will email you a call in number specific to your country (If you're there before me - you will get to listen to my favourite song). 

We will spend a few minutes chatting - to ensure we can both hear each other clearly, the audio is recording, and addressing any questions you may have before we jump into our session together.

I will ensure you are comfortably seated or laying down (which ever is your preference). It's a good idea to have a glass of water near by in the event you have some throat irritation or simply get thirsty. 

I will begin guiding you into a meditation - where we will ensure you are connected to the earth, and the sun - allowing your energy to expand. Every meditation will vary - but some things you can expect may be Arch Angels, your guides, fairies, natural elements, and crystals to make an appearance.

During our healing session together I will:

*Repair your aura from psychic attack/energy drainage

*Construct a protective force field to prevent future energy leaks

*Rejuvenate your energy to release you from what's holding you back

*Replace stagnant energy with fresh and revitalized energy 

*Open your heart to receive love with grace and ease

*Increase your manifestation rate

*Remove negative energies - they will no longer affect you

*Release old thought patterns that are holding you back - bringing in a new perspective and lifting the heaviness

Note: Every healing session is different, because every person is beautifully unique; so there may be natural variations. 

I will personally contact you to and provide you with a link to my online calendar to schedule your session. 

Spark my Soul