A Goddess Reborn Group Healing Experience

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A Goddess Reborn Group Healing Experience


This group healing experience is designed to awaken your your intuition and release your old energy patterns that have been holding you back. This package is comprised of 4 one hour healing sessions - held one week apart from each other.

There is a maximum of 5 participants in each program to ensure everyone is fully supported throughout this evolutionary journey.

This is ideal for those who know they are feeling disconnected from their direction in life - and are looking to be guided back to their passions.  You will have increases clarity and connection with your guides. The confidence you need to move forward towards your goals will be readily available to you.

This program is NOT for you if you are not willing to make the changes in your life that you secretly already know need to be made. 

What's included:

*4 - 60 minute sessions of blissful healing - I'll guide you through a powerful meditation while I conduct each healing session

*An Audio copy of each session - available to you so you can repeat your experience as often as you please (BONUS: past and future programs recordings as well)

*An energized stone - hand picked for you - and aligned to the exact energy of our first session together - postal mailed to you

*1 doTERRA essential oil - custom chosen for you - to assist you on your healing journey (accompanied by a quick reference usage guide)

*My chakra candle ritual - A PDF and candle set to assist you in balancing your energy (this can be duplicated simply by obtaining more candles)

*Access to the Force Field Course (to provide you with the tools you need to establish energetic boundaries as needed)

What to expect:

You will call into my conference line at our scheduled session times. There are toll free numbers for each country as well as the option to join by computer.  

We will spend a few minutes chatting - to ensure we can all hear each other clearly, the audio is recording, and addressing any questions you may have before we jump into our session together.

I will ensure you are comfortably seated or laying down (which ever is your preference). It's a good idea to have a glass of water near by in the event you have some throat irritation or simply get thirsty. 

I will begin guiding you into a meditation - where we will ensure you are connected to the earth, and the sun - allowing your energy to expand. Every meditation will vary - but some things you can expect may be Arch Angels, your guides, fairies, natural elements, and crystals to make an appearance.

During our time together I will:

*Repair your aura from psychic attack/energy drainage

*Construct a protective force field to prevent future energy leaks

*Increase your intuitive abilities and the connection you have with your guides

*Rejuvenate your energy to release you from what's holding you back

*Replace stagnant energy with fresh and revitalized energy (this may include replacing chakras)

*Open your heart to receive love with grace and ease

*Increase your manifestation rate

*Remove negative energies - they will no longer affect you

*Release old thought patterns that are holding you back - bringing in a new perspective and lifting the heaviness

*Raise your vibration to match your goals and dreams

*Bring you into alignment with your soul purpose

Note: Every healing session is different, because every person is beautifully unique; so there may be natural variations. 


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