6 Days to Deeper Love

We've all been there at some point.... you feel alone, disconnected from your loved ones, just barely making it through the day. About 80% of your day you think about how tired you are, or how good it would be to take a little nap. It can be difficult to peal yourself out of bed in the morning... even after you've pressed the “snooze” button at least twice.

You hold back the tears when you see your significant other, knowing that you just can't express your deepest sorrows. You wish you felt more feminine, soft, and gentle. You crave to feel the love of your friends and family within your soul. You're tired of the days of shrugging off the compliments and praise.

You're ready to feel. You're ready to connect. You're ready to unleash your inner goddess.

I want to share a simple process to help you unleash your love, to feel loved, and to truly connect with your friends and family. This is a process that is most effective if repeated in consecutive days.

The Luxury Bath – Day One 1. Purchase 6 roses – 2 red, 2 pink, and 2 white 2. Purchase a candle that calls to you (something pretty or with a beautiful fragrance) It's important that these items are purchased new, specifically for this purpose 3. Make yourself a hot cup of your favourite tea 4. Draw yourself a hot bath with one cup of Epsom salts (bubble bath optional) 5. Light your candle, put the petals of ONE of the red roses into the bath while it's filling 6. Relax in the bath while you drink your tea and allow yourself to play with the rose petals 7. Place the rose petals one by one over your heart 8. Take 11 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth 9. Sink into the bath and allow the rose petals to float on Optional: Add a Rose Quartz crystal into the bath or Therapeutic Grade essential oils (such as doTERRA's Balance, geranium, Lavender, or serenity) to your wrists.

Day Two – Repeat this process for the other red rose Day Three – Use one Pink rose for your Luxury Bath Day Four – You guessed it. Use that other pink rose Day Five – Surprise! Use one white rose Day Six – Use your single last white rose for your Luxury Bath

This self care ritual will revolutionize your entire life. Allowing you to feel centred, connected, and full of love. Please allow yourself to experiment with the Luxury Bath! Add varying flowers, crystals, essential oils, or music. Allow yourself the pleasure of taking a luxury bath every week and notice how grateful you feel.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this experience affected you. Did you try switching it up at all? I can't wait to hear from you.

Spread love all ways,

Amanda Rae