5 Ways to Drink More Water

We all know the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day – I'm not here to preach you on that topic. But how many of us are ACTUALLY drinking enough water? For the record – coffee, tea, juice, pop, and literally everything that isn't plain water doesn't count.

Life gets busy and we simply forget to drink water. I get it. The phone rings, the kids are hungry, you have to go get groceries, you forgot to get the mail last week so you REALLY have to pick it up today, and the list goes on and on.

As a wife, mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old, pregnant, and business owner – I feel you! I also recognized that I needed to take control of this situation if I ever wanted it to change. So without further a due, here are my best tips for remembering to drink more water.

1) A Special Cup - Designate a special cup for yourself for drinking water. I bought myself a new cup so that I was excited to use it. (you may want to have special water cups for the whole family if you have kids)

2) Rise and shine – First thing I do in the morning is drink some water (before coffee or breakfast). I've found that I feel more awake throughout my day, but I also have an internal water alarm clock that works better to remind me too.

3) Out of sight out of mind – I leave my special cup out where I can see it, where I have to touch it to move it, and as a result – I end up drinking more water. If you aren't thinking about drinking water – you probably aren't doing it.

4) To thine own self be true – Know how you like to drink your water. Do you like cold cold water with ice? Hot water with lemon? Fruit infused water? Try a little bit of everything out. When you know you like what you're “supposed” to be drinking you're going to be a lot more likely to drink it regularly and consistently.

5) Rituals – Set up a self care ritual that you can implement every. Single. Day. It can literally be as simple as going to the fridge for your cup of water, or as luxurious as you want. Why not pour yourself a glass of fruit infused water and set a flower in your hair while you drink it staring out your window at teh sunrise? Make it a non-negotiable item for yourself.

Once you start implementing some of these changes, they will slowly form into habits. So be gentle with yourself. It might take you 3 days to get into a groove – or it might take you 2 months to really get all the steps feeling good for you.

Just remember that any steps your taking to increase your water intake are good ones!

Spread love all ways, Amanda Rae