5 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

We live in a world full of to-do lists and burn out. Filling our days with endless tasks to check off and errands to run. Finding our energy levels drifting off as we reach for the sugar filled snacks mid-afternoon trying to give us a miraculous burst of energy to finish everything for the day. Constantly putting yourself at the very bottom of that list in the hopes of finding time tomorrow, next week, or next month.

When we consistently undervalue our self we slowly minimize our soul throughout the process of this go-go-go lifestyle. Gradually exhausting ourselves to the point of soul-diminishing loneliness. Leaving yourself feeling exhausted, alone, and unsupported each and everyday.

It doesn't have to stay this way for you. You can make some simple changes to the things you're doing everyday to begin feeling more alive, vibrant, and nourished – starting right now.

1) Luxury Shower/Bath – Most of us will be showering every day (or two) as a general personal maintenance. However, with a few small additions you can turn this time into a soul nourishing luxury. My favourite things to do are have a candlelit bath/shower, add flowers into the water, place crystals along the sides of the tub, or turn on some soothing music. All of these suggestions will only add a few seconds into the preparation of your bath/shower, but will add immense value to your soul. Yes – I even have candlelit showers to nourish myself (because sometimes a bath will simply take too long).
2) Fancy Drink – Try adding a garnish to the edge of your glass (such as a slice of lemon, a cocktail umbrella, or edible flower), using a special cup you bought for yourself, or trying a new kind of tea. Making your drink feel special is a quick and easy way to feel glamourous without altering something you're already doing.
3) Music – With the availability of modern technology, it's extremely easy to have access to all kinds of music. Make a playlist or search out your favourite song while you're on the go. If you're feeling really adventurous sing along or dance along too! Who says grocery shopping had to be bland! You never know who else might enjoy that same music! Feel the tension leave your body and you allow the music to fill your soul.
4) Deep Breathing – When you feel yourself full of anxiety, worry, or sheer overwhelm – stop, drop and roll (stop what you're doing, drop your breath deep into your stomach, and roll that anxiety right out of your body). Depending on the situation one deep breath might be enough to help you regain your focus, other times it may take 5, 10, or more to bring you back to zen. Listen to your body on this one.
5) Turn yourself off – We live in a world of on-demand, high achieving superstars. You do not need to be available 24/7 on social media or by phone not matter what anyone else is doing. I hereby give you permission to turn your phone, TV, and tablet (or other device) off. Allow yourself to simply eat supper without being in demand. Give yourself permission to do just one thing at a time. If your doing the dishes you don't need to simultaneously check social media.

Take these ideas and try them out for yourself. Commit to trying just one thing first, and add things as you gain confidence in your new found clarity. If one of these ideas sparks an alternative for you – by all means follow that inspired idea! Your body already knows what it needs to thrive and feel nourished! Sometimes we simply have to quiet our mind to hear it.