5 Ways to Nurture Your Soul

We live in a world full of to-do lists and burn out. Filling our days with endless tasks to check off and errands to run. Finding our energy levels drifting off as we reach for the sugar filled snacks mid-afternoon trying to give us a miraculous burst of energy to finish everything for the day. Constantly putting yourself at the very bottom of that list in the hopes of finding time tomorrow, next week, or next month.

When we consistently undervalue our self we slowly minimize our soul throughout the process of this go-go-go lifestyle. Gradually exhausting ourselves to the point of soul-diminishing loneliness. Leaving yourself feeling exhausted, alone, and unsupported each and everyday.

It doesn't have to stay this way for you. You can make some simple changes to the things you're doing everyday to begin feeling more alive, vibrant, and nourished – starting right now.

1) Luxury Shower/Bath – Most of us will be showering every day (or two) as a general personal maintenance. However, with a few small additions you can turn this time into a soul nourishing luxury. My favourite things to do are have a candlelit bath/shower, add flowers into the water, place crystals along the sides of the tub, or turn on some soothing music. All of these suggestions will only add a few seconds into the preparation of your bath/shower, but will add immense value to your soul. Yes – I even have candlelit showers to nourish myself (because sometimes a bath will simply take too long).
2) Fancy Drink – Try adding a garnish to the edge of your glass (such as a slice of lemon, a cocktail umbrella, or edible flower), using a special cup you bought for yourself, or trying a new kind of tea. Making your drink feel special is a quick and easy way to feel glamourous without altering something you're already doing.
3) Music – With the availability of modern technology, it's extremely easy to have access to all kinds of music. Make a playlist or search out your favourite song while you're on the go. If you're feeling really adventurous sing along or dance along too! Who says grocery shopping had to be bland! You never know who else might enjoy that same music! Feel the tension leave your body and you allow the music to fill your soul.
4) Deep Breathing – When you feel yourself full of anxiety, worry, or sheer overwhelm – stop, drop and roll (stop what you're doing, drop your breath deep into your stomach, and roll that anxiety right out of your body). Depending on the situation one deep breath might be enough to help you regain your focus, other times it may take 5, 10, or more to bring you back to zen. Listen to your body on this one.
5) Turn yourself off – We live in a world of on-demand, high achieving superstars. You do not need to be available 24/7 on social media or by phone not matter what anyone else is doing. I hereby give you permission to turn your phone, TV, and tablet (or other device) off. Allow yourself to simply eat supper without being in demand. Give yourself permission to do just one thing at a time. If your doing the dishes you don't need to simultaneously check social media.

Take these ideas and try them out for yourself. Commit to trying just one thing first, and add things as you gain confidence in your new found clarity. If one of these ideas sparks an alternative for you – by all means follow that inspired idea! Your body already knows what it needs to thrive and feel nourished! Sometimes we simply have to quiet our mind to hear it.

Self-Healing; Prepare to get uncomfortable

You're a spiritual being having a very human experience - full of ups, downs, twists, turns, and even jabs you didn't see coming. The emotional roller coaster can sometimes feel a little too extreme at certain points in our lives. Am I right?

No one wants to feel like they've disappointed their friends and family, no one wants to feel like their life is full of shame, and no one wants to feel like they are unimportant or don't matter to anyone. No one wants to feel insignificant at any point in their life - let alone throughout their life.

So why do we end up spiralling down into this pit of darkness? Afraid to take a chance on our happiness. Stuck in this state of anxiety and worry unable to place your own spiritual needs before vacuuming.

The root of the problem is so hard to see from your own perspective. Our lack of self confidence can be covered in a million different layers or disguise. I can't afford the makeup I truly want so I feel unloveable, my sister doesn't have a relationship with me, I haven't talked to my mother in years, I can't lose the weight from my last baby, and the list can go on forever.

Until one day, you decide enough is enough. You are tired of crying. You are tired of feeling stepped on and ignored. You are tired of hurting. So you take inspired action! You research a variety of mantras or affirmations and begin repeating them. You read self help books. You start filling your life with all the things that you know can completely change your life.

You even try meditation (either self guided or guided) - but still - there is this void within you. That creeps back from the darkness. Just when you think you're making progress something else bites you in the ass. Pulling you back to those old familiar feelings. Bringing the tears and the emotions bubbling back up.

Why does this always happen? Why do I feel so alone? Why can't I just move on with my life and be happy for once? The questions pour into your mind.

Let's break this down - If the root cause of your emotional discomfort was an onion and each self healing technique had the ability to peel back a single layer to that onion - it might go something like this:

You start with your onion - glorious and flaky but nicely sealed within the dry layers of itself. No tear inducing aromas here. But you still have a damn onion sitting there.

So you practice daily mantras or affirmations which peel off that flaky layer of your onion. Great! Progress! You're feeling lighter, a bit more in control, and you're ready for the next step.

You start reading a self help type book directed towards the problem you think needs addressing - peeling off that half dry, half juicy layer of onion. You know, that layer that can sometimes come off super easy, and other times makes you want to repeatedly stab the onion in frustration. Now you're getting there. The juicy layers start to show. Some emotions start to bubble up. They are uncomfortable, awkward, and make you feel some old familiar emotions that you're trying to get rid of.

So you put your onion down, right in the sun. Dry it out a bit so you can take a deep breath. Stuff those tears back in because heaven forbid you had something real to feel beyond the numb sensation.

Your life gets busy, you put some of those practices down for just a few days while you "process" what you're feeling. Those few days always end up being more than just a few days however. Deflecting those emotions back inside because that's how you were raised. It's not ok to cry, or "show weakness".

You take a deep breath and pick that onion back up again. It's dried out a little bit again, so you start reading the book from the beginning just to make sure you're focused on its content. And now you start that same cycle over again.

How many times have you started some act of self healing with the best intentions only to stop yourself as soon as it got uncomfortable? How many times have you tried to swallow your emotions so that your loved ones didn't see your "weakness"?

The ONLY way to self heal through these types of mediums is to get really freaking uncomfortable throughout the process. Keep peeling back those layers no matter how hard it feels. Keep reading that book as you cope with your busy life. Keep taking time for meditation to calm your soul. You can't heal yourself without consistent action. Even if that only means 10 minutes a day for you.

Establish your schedule. Set a routine. And for the love of all things divine, stick to it. You can't move forward if you're swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Take action. Keep taking action. Your onion will unfold for you. If you can't believe in yourself right now - I believe in you. I know you can release your pain and hurt. I believe you are full of love and compassion.

You are divine. You are worthy of love. You are beautiful. You are whole.

5 Ways to Drink More Water

We all know the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day – I'm not here to preach you on that topic. But how many of us are ACTUALLY drinking enough water? For the record – coffee, tea, juice, pop, and literally everything that isn't plain water doesn't count.

Life gets busy and we simply forget to drink water. I get it. The phone rings, the kids are hungry, you have to go get groceries, you forgot to get the mail last week so you REALLY have to pick it up today, and the list goes on and on.

As a wife, mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old, pregnant, and business owner – I feel you! I also recognized that I needed to take control of this situation if I ever wanted it to change. So without further a due, here are my best tips for remembering to drink more water.

1) A Special Cup - Designate a special cup for yourself for drinking water. I bought myself a new cup so that I was excited to use it. (you may want to have special water cups for the whole family if you have kids)

2) Rise and shine – First thing I do in the morning is drink some water (before coffee or breakfast). I've found that I feel more awake throughout my day, but I also have an internal water alarm clock that works better to remind me too.

3) Out of sight out of mind – I leave my special cup out where I can see it, where I have to touch it to move it, and as a result – I end up drinking more water. If you aren't thinking about drinking water – you probably aren't doing it.

4) To thine own self be true – Know how you like to drink your water. Do you like cold cold water with ice? Hot water with lemon? Fruit infused water? Try a little bit of everything out. When you know you like what you're “supposed” to be drinking you're going to be a lot more likely to drink it regularly and consistently.

5) Rituals – Set up a self care ritual that you can implement every. Single. Day. It can literally be as simple as going to the fridge for your cup of water, or as luxurious as you want. Why not pour yourself a glass of fruit infused water and set a flower in your hair while you drink it staring out your window at teh sunrise? Make it a non-negotiable item for yourself.

Once you start implementing some of these changes, they will slowly form into habits. So be gentle with yourself. It might take you 3 days to get into a groove – or it might take you 2 months to really get all the steps feeling good for you.

Just remember that any steps your taking to increase your water intake are good ones!

Spread love all ways, Amanda Rae

6 Days to Deeper Love

We've all been there at some point.... you feel alone, disconnected from your loved ones, just barely making it through the day. About 80% of your day you think about how tired you are, or how good it would be to take a little nap. It can be difficult to peal yourself out of bed in the morning... even after you've pressed the “snooze” button at least twice.

You hold back the tears when you see your significant other, knowing that you just can't express your deepest sorrows. You wish you felt more feminine, soft, and gentle. You crave to feel the love of your friends and family within your soul. You're tired of the days of shrugging off the compliments and praise.

You're ready to feel. You're ready to connect. You're ready to unleash your inner goddess.

I want to share a simple process to help you unleash your love, to feel loved, and to truly connect with your friends and family. This is a process that is most effective if repeated in consecutive days.

The Luxury Bath – Day One 1. Purchase 6 roses – 2 red, 2 pink, and 2 white 2. Purchase a candle that calls to you (something pretty or with a beautiful fragrance) It's important that these items are purchased new, specifically for this purpose 3. Make yourself a hot cup of your favourite tea 4. Draw yourself a hot bath with one cup of Epsom salts (bubble bath optional) 5. Light your candle, put the petals of ONE of the red roses into the bath while it's filling 6. Relax in the bath while you drink your tea and allow yourself to play with the rose petals 7. Place the rose petals one by one over your heart 8. Take 11 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth 9. Sink into the bath and allow the rose petals to float on Optional: Add a Rose Quartz crystal into the bath or Therapeutic Grade essential oils (such as doTERRA's Balance, geranium, Lavender, or serenity) to your wrists.

Day Two – Repeat this process for the other red rose Day Three – Use one Pink rose for your Luxury Bath Day Four – You guessed it. Use that other pink rose Day Five – Surprise! Use one white rose Day Six – Use your single last white rose for your Luxury Bath

This self care ritual will revolutionize your entire life. Allowing you to feel centred, connected, and full of love. Please allow yourself to experiment with the Luxury Bath! Add varying flowers, crystals, essential oils, or music. Allow yourself the pleasure of taking a luxury bath every week and notice how grateful you feel.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this experience affected you. Did you try switching it up at all? I can't wait to hear from you.

Spread love all ways,

Amanda Rae

Release your (Emotional) Baggage

We've all felt emotional pain at some point in our life. Whether it's from a past traumatic event, being abused, being bullied in High School, losing someone that was close to you... I could go on and on about different kinds of pain, but that's not why we're here today. You already know you're hurting. You're ready to move past the hurt.

Today, we are here to take a step towards the life you're dreaming of, the life you wish you were living. Today, we are empowering you. Today, we are healing. Today, you are taking a step towards your freedom.

Forgiveness is a great concept that we are all told about. We all know it's the golden ticket to our well-being. But how are we supposed to forgive our pain, our hurt, our sorrow? It's a lot harder than it sounds. No one can help you through this process. You keep searching for answers, only to find more questions.

We allow ourselves to forgive the people that have hurt us, but that pain... it sticks to you. It seeps into your soul. It taints your experiences. It changes the way you live. It affects every aspect of your life. All you really want is to free yourself from this suffering. To be at peace. To really revive your soul from the depths of this dark place you have found yourself.

I'm going to guide you to taking that first step. To begin to heal that deep seeded pain. To make the tunnel just a little bit brighter. To shine a light in the shadows.

You can repeat this simple 12 step process as many times as you need to. This may mean repeating the process for a whole month for one single trauma. It all depends on how deep your pain runs, and only you can decide how long you need to heal. This technique can be used for any event that you find yourself hurting over.

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Breathing deeply, inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth
  3. As you inhale, imagine your body being filled with an emerald green light
  4. As you exhale, release any tension you find in your body
  5. Continue to fill your body with the emerald green light until in radiates all around you
  6. Take as much time as you need with steps 3 and 4 to ensure you're relaxed
  7. Envision the painful experience infront of you
  8. As you inhale, the emerald green light shines brighter
  9. As you exhale, blow the experience farther away from you
  10. Continue until you can no longer see anyting but glowing green light
  11. When you're ready, bring your awareness back to your body by wiggling your fingers and toes
  12. When you're ready, open your eyes

I hope find peace along your journey, for no one deserves to suffer in silence. You are never alone my dear.

Please leave any comments you have below. I would love to know how this has helped you. If you know someone that could benefit from this simple tool, please please please share it with them. So many people need deep soul healing and are too afraid to seek out help.

Spread love all ways, Amanda Rae